ZenSouos Bath Bomb

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ZenSuos Bath Bomb

ZenSuous handcrafted organic bath bombs (approx. 50g/per) with natural and organic essential oils, ideal choice for promoting natural healing and relaxing.

Turn your bath time into spa time at home. Aromatherapy can relax your body and mind, moisture dry skin and ease muscle discomfort after a whole day hard work.

Multi fragrances for different needs

How To Use

How to use:

  1. Fill up the tub with water and drop the bath bomb.
  2. As soon as the bath bomb enters the water, it will start to foam and fizz.
  3. Over time, the bath bomb will start to break apart and dissolve, thus allowing all the beneficial oils, salts, and butters to be released into the bath water.
  4. Now, you are ready to pop yourself in the tub


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