Flexi Wires Bra

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Flexi Wires Hyaluronic Series

Flexi Wires Hyaluronic Series is an elegant everyday style crated with soft & modern lace. Supportive contour cups helps to hold your natural shape with the adjustable strape with clasp & hook to wear as everyday style.

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We guarantee the satisfaction of our product, but why don’t we let them speak for themselves

Size Guide

Finding Your Perfect Fit

The comfort of underwear is more critical than you think. After all, a bra accompanies a woman for more than 8 hours a day. Hence, that is the reason we treat this matter rigorously.

Finding a perfect fit- it’s not rocket science. But it can be confusing. Fret not, we are here to make your life easy. First, all you need is a measuring tape. This will be used to measure your top bust and under bust.

Then find out the measurement with our Bra Calculator.

1 review for Flexi Wires Bra

  1. Evonne

    Bra fits well and very comfortable
    Very nice will buy again

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