Dolovmi Feminine Intimate Herbal Foam Wash

Product Benefits

⭐️Daily Basic Cleansing for Intimate Areas

⭐️Helps improve itching, odor, infections, and excessive discharge issues.

Product info

⭐️Gentle intimate wash with soft foam based on herbal extraction.

⭐️Effective at hydrating and removing unpleasant odor

⭐️Relieve itchiness and irritation (2-3 mins)

⭐️Maintain PH balanced

⭐️Lighten and whiten intimate area

⭐️No chemical preservatives

SUITABLE FOR: Ladies of all ages. May start using after experiencing first menstruation till menopause. Also for puberty age young teenager.

DIRECTIONS: Pour a small amount on your hand and apply it on your external intimate area during shower or during regular toilet usage. Rinse thoroughly with water.